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Rubin Editorial

Meg Sinnott Rubin has decades of experience writing and editing for academic, corporate, and private clients. 

-Fiction and non-fiction books in a range of subjects and genres
-Grant and book proposals
-Scholarly articles
-Academic and fellowship applications
-Magazine and newspaper articles and essays
-Daily blogs (political, business/financial, creative)

Meg Sinnott Rubin

Copy-Editing and Fact-Checking

Meg is conversant in most editing and collaboration software and platforms, and can assure that work conforms to the standards of Chicago Manual of Style, MLA Handbook, AP Stylebook, Garner’s Modern English Usage, etc. She is a resourceful and reliable researcher and fact-checker, and can usually verify and deliver hard-to-find works and information quickly. Meg’s clients remark on her exacting attention to detail and the confidence she gives them in the clarity and accuracy of their work. They also appreciate the insight and encouragement she brings to the process, as well as her positive energy. “I believe that there is an internal logic to a piece of writing, and it’s a joy to watch as it coheres,” she says. “I find it so gratifying when a writer gets through, say, a tough slog of a first draft, and it just comes together.” She adds, “Plus I truly love to proofread. Gives me a break from crosswords.”